20 Watt Roof/Decktop Kit

PN 07-1203

This 20 Watt Semi Flexible solar panel is the ultimate choice for flat or slightly curved surfaces where a robust, low profile and lightweight panel is needed. This semi-flexible panel is ideal for boat decks, caravans or anywhere a discreet solar panel is preferred. The ability to walk on these panels paired with a non slip surface gives the ability to fix these panels in a wide range of places and applications.

 This flexible solar panel offers a large range of features;

- Self-healing top surface
- Completely waterproof
- Cells protected from hot spots
- Superior design
- Easy install

2-year manufacturer warranty

20 Year performance warranty

Kit Includes: 20 Watt Solar Panel, Bonding Glue, Roof Gland, 10Amp Regulator, 4m Cable, Connectors and Fuse


20 Watt Semi Flexible Panel Datasheet