ARS-5 & Maxcharge Regulators

by Balmar
PN 05-2204

High Power Alternators require advanced regulators. The regulators not only ensures that the appropriate charge regime is used for expensive battery banks but also manages the alternator itself.


  • Same as a MaxCharge Alternator regulator (see below)
  • 5 Selectable Programs
  • 9A maximum field current (6 Series Alternators only)
  • Single Engine, Single Alternator applications only


  • The ultimate alternator charge regulator
  • Provides 4 stage smart charge to battery banks
  • Fully programmable including alternator current and voltage limits
  • Battery temperature sensor (optional) adjusts output according to battery temperature
  • Alternator temperature sensor (optional) limits alternator output if running hot to prevent overheating
  • Soft ramp feature prevents the alternator producing high output until the engine (and belts) are warmed properly
  • Suitable for Lead/Acid, Gel, AGM and Li-Ion Batteries
  • Active fault detection, management and error code memory
  • 15A field current output for large alternators and AT Series
  • Fully waterproof design
  • Alpha Numeric LED Display for easy programming and status reports

ARS-5 & Maxcharge Regulators Datasheet