68Ah LiFOS - Leisure Lithium-Ion Battery

by LiFOS
PN 06-2100

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LiFOS is an advanced Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery designed to save space and weight in mobile applications.

The 68Ah LiFOS can be cycled down to 90% State of Charge, meaning that this block offers similar capacity to a 120Ah Lead/Gel/AGM battery. At just 7.8Kg, it is around 75% lighter than conventional technologies.

  • 68Ah Lithium-Ion Battery; Equivalent to 120Ah Lead/Acid = half the space
  • 75% lighter than lead/acid technology
  • Built in BMS system - no complex rewiring required
  • Bluetooth connectivity with free LiFOS phone/tablet app
  • Compatible with most conventional charging systems

68Ah LiFOS Datasheet