Merlin DC/DC Charger (EURO 6 / SRCS)

PN 04-6002

This Merlin DC/DC Charger unit acts like a battery charger. However, it uses DC power instead of AC power. When the engine is running, the unit will switch on and deliver smooth, regulated power to the auxiliary batteries on board. The unit is smart enough to know if the engine battery is too low for charging and is not affected by stop-start devices (a real problem for charging when vehicles are driven in congested areas).

Important: Most DC-DC Chargers are rated for their input current at 20 degrees C. This means that, say a 60A charger is only rated at 50A. In use, the output drops further. The Abso units are rated for their output current at 25 degrees.

The DC-DC Charger has numerous important battery management features including:

  • 4 Stage Smart Charging
  • Settable for lead/acid, Gel, AGM and Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Continuous & Programmable output settings
  • Manual and automatic temperature compensation (Automatic by using an optional temperature sensor)
  • Built in digital display panel (optional remote available)
  • Built in solar regulator – allows addition of solar panels to vehicle roof without having to add additional regulators

Merlin DC/DC Datasheet