Balmar 9 Series

by Balmar
PN 05-2070 / 94-12-165-IG
Balmar 9 series, known as “Power Handlers”, the large-case Balmar Alternators are designed to provide continuous high levels of current in harsh environments. Continuous operation at high current (and elevated temperatures) damages smaller case alternators. 9x Series feature over-sized bearings, fans and heat-sinks to ensure cool running in confined engine spaces and high ambient temperatures.
  • Large & Extra Large Case Alternators for heavy duty, continuous charging applications
  • 50+ Amps at engine idle speed
  • Super Heavy Duty Construction
  • Most feature brushless design for less servicing but also significant reduction in Electromagnetic noise (interference)
  • Must be used in conjunction with Maxcharge Alternator Regulator
  • Hand wound status, individually balanced rotors, over-sized windings and diodes and internal/external coatings to ensure long life
  • Suitable for chassis (engine) ground and isolated ground systems

Balmar 9 series Datasheet

Alternator Factsheet