Merlin CigsFLEX

PN 07-7005

Merlin CigsFLEX is designed and manufactured in the UK.

CigsFLEX create a solar solution that works in harsh solar environments such as low-light, cloudy days and shading from buildings. Compared to the conventional crystalline panels with a three bypass diode structure, our panels incorporate bypass diodes into every other cell, giving an approved overall efficiency even when obstructed by shadows or shading.


Merlin CigsFLEX panels are constructed using CIGS (copper, indium, gallium and selenium) thin film solar cells. This CIGS think film technology ensures that you can produce significantly more energy over the course of a day when compared to traditional technologies. As a result of better low light performance our Merlin CigsFlex panels outperform other technologies early and late in the day when the sun is lower in the Sky.

Low Profile

Our panels are extremely thin, this means that the panel can be attached directly to the roof of your moterhome, caravan, boar or vehicle without the need of racking or mounting frames. Our panels are extremely flexible, long and narrow in size, perfect for fitting to the top of a T5 poptop.


The Merlin CigsFLEX panels are built on stainless steel foil. This foil is encapsulated in high grade, specialist, polymers which ensure the assembled solar panel can follow curves and contours of the given application

Low Profile

These panels are super slim adhering directly to the surface of a vehicle or application. Our low profile, low weight panels significantly reduces wind resistance and drag for all mobile applications.

Easy Install

All of our panels are supplied with a self-adhesive backing which ensures a simple, straightforward application process.

Merlin CigsFLEX Datasheet

Merlin CigsFLEX Installation Guide