100 Watt Roof/Decktop Kit

PN 07-1211

This Flexible Roof & Decktop Kit contains everything you need to install the lightweight and semi flexible solar panel onto the deck of your boat or even a roof of a Campervan, caravan or Motor home.

Includes a Dual Battery MPPT Pro Charge Controller worth £100!!

This flexible solar panel offers a large range of features;

- Self-healing top surface
- Completely waterproof
- Cells protected from hot spots
- Superior design
- Easy install

The self-healing top surface is completely waterproof and is salt spray water tested to ASTM 8117-ISO 9227 as well as being UV tested to ISO 4892. The easy fix panels carry a 2-year module warranty and 20-year output warranty. 

Kit 1 White - 1x100wp Flexi Solar Panel - Bonding Glue - Roof Gland - 15Amp MPPT Reg - 4m Cable - Connectors and Fuse - White

Kit 2 Black - 1x100wp Rear Exit Flexi Solar Panel - Bonding Glue - 15Amp MPPT Reg - 1m Cable - Connectors and Fuse - Diode Box including 4m Cable - Black

Please see 100 Watt Roof/Decktop Kit Datasheet for more information