Aceleron ESSENTIAL Professional Lithium Ion Battery

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Original Price £995.00
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PN 88-1002

Next Generation advanced Lithium-Ion Phosphate Battery.

  • Designed specifically for heavy duty, high vibration environments
  • Serviceable, upgradeable, Scaleable
  • Industry Standard 31 Case Size to replace standard batteries
  • Can be used as a mobile device or permanently installed
  • 110Ah Capacity
  • 200A peak discharge current
  • Built in BMS

Using the integrated carry handle, this battery can be quickly deployed in a mobile environment. Place the battery on its back and it fits a standard 31 case footprint commonly found on specialist vehicles and boats. Designed here in the UK, Aceleron employs techniques during manufacture to ensure longevity, resistance to vibration and is the first battery to be truly serviceable.

  • Just 15Kg
  • 110 Ah, 100A charge/discharge current
  • Parallel up to 10 batteries for larger capacities. Can be connected in series for 24V or 48V.
  • 5000 life cycles
  • 10-year warranty

While other Lithium battery may appear cheaper, the UK designed Aceleron batteries uses patented techniques to ensure suitability for your professional application:

  • No welding of battery cells assures no heat damage during manufacture
  • Weld-free design prevents battery failure due to metal fatigue in high vibration environments
  • Special internal core allows removal and replacement of faulty cells for long service life
  • Built in BMS – no unreliable communications cables to create black-outs in your critical use application

Merlin Equipment were selected as the UK partner for servicing the specialist vehicle and marine business. With over 30 years of experience of providing electrical power systems to the blue light, marine and defence industries, Merlin have the knowledge and experience to ensure successful Aceleron Battery Integration.

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