Balmar AT Series

by Balmar
PN 05-2401 / AT-SF-165-SR-IG

Balmar AT Series alternators use the latest technology to cram as much power generating capability as possible into a small case alternator. Instead of using a standard wire wound stator (which has lots of gaps in it that don’t produce power), the AT Series uses a series of solid pins arranged around the alternator’s rotor. This means that there isn’t a spare millimeter of unused generating capacity in the alternator and provides the maximum possible output.

  • Advanced alternator winding's produce an extremely high output
  • Ideal for small engines and large battery banks
  • Up to 125A at idle RPM
  • Twin cooling fans and active thermal management by regulator
  • Must be used in conjunction with Maxcharge Alternator Regulator
  • D+ output (battery warning lamp), Tacho (RPM) outputs
  • Suitable for chassis (engine) ground and isolated ground systems

Balmar AT Series Datasheet

Alternator Factsheet