Combi Inverter, Charger & Generator Consumer Unit

PN 15-3027

This Consumer Unit is designed for larger AC installations with a Combi Inverter/Charger, shorepower and an onboard generator.

Shorepower and generation power is fed to dedicated RCDs and then through an automatic changeover switch. A timer is provided to delay generator switch over (and allow generator to warm up before load is applied). Two breakers run from the output of the changeover - one is for the loads that should only be run from shore or generator (eg air-conditioning or a waterheater). The other runs to the input of the combi inverter/charger. Output from the combi inverter/charger runs to a third RCD, Two breakers are then provided for distribution of AC to the main electrical system. Plenty of spare space is provided for additional breakers if required.

Supplied with busbars, labels, glands ect.

Combi Inverter, Charger & Generator Consumer Unit DataSheet