M-Power Battery Equalisers

PN 04-8510

Drawing 12V power from a 24V battery bank is not as straightforward as it may seem. Simply ‘tapping’ 12V from one of the batteries in the 24V bank will cause imbalance and irreparable damage to the battery in a very short period of time.

Fitting a large DC/DC Converter is one option – but, they are expensive, inefficient and if the 12V load is critical, reliability of the converter is crucial.

A Merlin M-Power Battery Equaliser will overcome these issues:

  • Use a standard 24V battery bank to provide both 12 and 24V power
  • Pull unlimited amounts of 12V DC power for extended periods of time
  • Ensures that 24V battery banks remain in balance – extending their life and ensuring long term reliability
  • No need to fit separate 12 and 24V DC electrical systems on larger vehicles and boats
  • Allows simple conversion of 12V vehicles to 24V and vice versa

Even if your 12V DC load exceeds the capacity of the equaliser, the battery will provide the excess requirement for as long as it has the capacity available. Once the load returns back to below the rated current of the equaliser, it will bring the batteries back into balance.

M-Power Battery Equaliser Datasheet