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The Merlin Powercell is designed to be a perfect replacement for any 12V lead-acid application, while being less than half of the weight and lasting as much as 13 times longer! With reliable high-power output and deep repeated discharge capability, Powercell batteries are an excellent solution for back-up power to commercial and industrial applications, data centres, battery farms and IT systems. Similarly, it can be used for mission-critical support, such as renewable energy storage  and off-grid lighting. The Powercell is the perfect product for the leisure market including supporting caravans, camper vans, motor homes and canal boat.

Knowing that our products are safe and reliable brings peace of mind not only to our customers but to all of us here at Merlin Power-Store. Therefore, we made sure that our batteries have passed the highest standards for their markets – for both consumer use and transportation.

Our Powercell battery is a truly unique battery, it uses our patented modular compression technology and that’s fundamental to ensuring it is fully repairable, upgrade able and recyclable

We included features, such as intelligent management that provides further security, and boosted power that allows for multiple appliances to be used simultaneously! To prove how confident we are in our technology, we give our customers a 10+ year warranty under which we will repair or replace a faulty Powercell battery product.

It is the perfect lead-acid battery replacement, with higher energy  capacity, less weight and longer  lifespan than current solutions on the market. Our patented design allows for serviceability, maintenance and potential 2nd life applications, once returned via our ‘take-back’ initiative which can also save you money. All this in the same familiar shape!

  • Intelligent management built with safety shut-down for battery protection
  • Reliable & powerful capable of powering up to 3 appliances, such as TV, fridge and a microwave simultaneously
  • Up to 10 batteries in parallel and up to 4 batteries in series
  • CE, RoHS, Interek's UN38.3 certification, as well as UL compliance, the Powercell Lithium ion battery is designed and crafted with safety and convenience in mind
  • This battery is optimized for aux power, not starting application 

Merlin Powercell Datasheet

Merlin PowerCell Safety Manual