WS100 Multi-stage Voltage Regulator

PN 05-5000

WS100 Multi-stage Voltage Regulator

The WS100 smart voltage regulator is the perfect pairing for the recreational boater. Easy to install, even easier to use, the WS100 offers five extremely intelligent selectable preset programs for most popular marine battery types.

Programming is super-simple. Just select the programme number that matches your battery type.

The WS100 also provides a simple, easy to use control for governing maximum regulator output - so you can select the power level that's best matched to your engine and batteries. Power levels can be adjusted to four field percentages: 100%, 90%, 75% and 50%. Selecting is as simple as turning the adjustment knob until your desired power level is indicated.

When used with optional alternator and battery temperature sensors, the WS100 can automatically monitor temperatures and modify charging voltages to optimise charging safely and component life. The WS100 is  designed for use with externally regulated, P-type, 12-volt alternators.